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             The Third Eye


                             What is the Third Eye?

     The Third Eye, also known as the pineal gland, is a small cone shaped gland located in the area of the brain. It is part of the endocrine system and is responsible for intuitive thought and higher brain power. 

                         How do I awaken my Third Eye?

     The pineal gland is generally closed in most people because as we age, it becomes calcified. Young children have more active pineal glands than adults. The main reason our pineal and other glands do not perform well over time is the diet we eat lacks essential nutrients. What we require most is highly dense nutrition that comes from the plant kingdom because that type of nutrition does not leave residue in our gut or blood. Most of the foods in our everyday diet are too toxic to support our glandular system such as the adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, hypothalmus and pineal glands. Yet it is absolutely necessary that these glands work perfectly if we are to functioning at our best. In general, any food that is grown on land is grown in denatured soil and lacks vital nutrients. This is the main reason why our endocrine system is not functioning correctly and why we suffer we anxiety, depression, obesity, and a variety of other ailments, many of which cause death.

             What Foods Help Revive the Pineal Gland?

   The foods that will revive our pineal gland are the same foods that will also revive the other glands within our endocrine system. You cannot revive the pineal gland without first reviving the lower glands. It has to be done together. 
    Greens are somewhat effective in boosting our glandular production. They are powerhouses of nutrition. Supplementing with greens on a daily basis is certainly helpful. 
     It is far more effective to look at plant foods that grow within water, such as sea weed, algae and plankton. These foods grow in a more pristine environment and contain naturally occuring trace minerals plus high concentrations of protein. 
    Algae and plankton are single cell plant species that are the basis of the underwater food cycle. They are the most perfect food that Nature has to offer. They are over 70% protein and can easily be digested without the use of stomach acid. They provide the perfect meal for the glands in our endocrine system.

                                         Yogic Breathing

     For centuries, yogis perfected a method of breathing that would help them live for a long period of time. They were able to successfully awaken and nourish all of their glands simply by deep and rhythmic breathing. This is still true today although people who practice yogic breathing generally do not follow a yogic diet or yogic lifestyle, without which it is harder to get the desired results. For instance, a real yogi refrains from all sex, drugs, alcohol, meat and tobacco. He will live in a secluded place and spend most of the day in meditation. He must keep his mind very still. Very few persons can successfully activate their glands through yogic breathing or chants. The best practice is to combine some aspects of yoga with a vegetarian diet that contains algae and plankton.

              Why it is Important to Open the Third Eye

     Some persons treat opening the Third Eye or pineal gland as an option but actual it is a necessity. The pineal gland is part of the endocrine system and all the glands must be activated; otherwise, we are at risk due to a lower immune system. If our glands are not working efficiently, we generally will rely on prescription and non-prescription drugs to help a variety of conditions but drugs will not cure a problem, only help to manage it. 
      If we can invigorate our endocrine system, we can effectively slow down and even reverse the aging process. It is important that we focus on the task at hand because what lies within us is the key to our future and happy state of mind. 


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